Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Blog

I created this blog for an assigment in Speech 210 at brcc taught by Dr. Sells - However, I've been doing blogs and creative writing for some time.

I'd like to talk about cultural differences.  I am dating a man who I would say was a big culture shock for me when I started dating him.  He will remain nameless, but he is a CEO of a business in Louisiana, and I was not used to being around someone who had more education than myself, not to mention more education than my parents who are both teachers with master degrees.

When we first started courting (dating) I was very skeptical about how long this relationship would last, because all I saw was (for anonymity purposes we'll call him Joe Blow) this educated man, whom I'd never match wits with.  Pun not intended by the way!  I was worried that the money differences would get in the way as well.

After about three weeks of dating him, I realized that although we might come from two different backgrounds, and educational, and monetary differences, none of that matters to us.  We have made concessions to make sure that neither party ever feels left out in a situation, be it him attending one of my karaoke gigs, or me at a semi formal theater opening.

That is how I've moved past the honeymoon and crises phases of culture shock, and culture differences.